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Lake & Thatcher Auto Repair
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  Shelley 11/21/2014
When a person knows little about auto maintenance, it's a great feeling to have total confidence in the people working on my car! That's one of the valuable extras i get from using Lake & Thatcher.
  Ed 11/20/2014
Fantastic. Would not take my cars any where else
  Barbara 11/20/2014
The entire staff is friendly and very competent My car is 17 years old and it runs perfectly. I would recommend Lake and Thatcher Auto Repair very highly to anyone, Barbara Donovan
  Bettina 08/09/2014
Absolutely trustworthy, reliable and reasonably priced. A wonderful community asset. We are so lucky to have them in River Forest.
  David 07/08/2014
  Dawn 06/05/2014
I can't say enough wonderful things about Tom and Pete. While the car dealer tries to steer me toward services I don't really need and "upsell," Tom and Pete don't do that. They'll tell you what service you do or don't need as if it were their own car. I've been going to them for years and trust them implicitly. I've been going to them for years with two cars and have never had a bad experience. They're not the cheapest game in town, but it's true that you get what you pay for. To me, it's worth it to pay a little extra knowing that the job will be done right the first time and with no shortcuts or problems later. They tell it to you straight.
Shop Comment
Thanks Dawn! Always a pleasure talking with you and glad weve kept your Toyota purring along.
  Carole 05/15/2014
Excellent work done in timely manner. The best repair shop in entire Cook County. Prices are good ~professional & very knowledgeable. Carole Condren
  Vera 12/12/2013
I have had my cars serviced at L&T Auto for over 20 years. I have always been treated fairly and the work they do is excellent.
  Patrick 09/26/2013
Very professional shop always willing to accommodate your schedule. I've being going here for years. The personal is friendly and they stand behind there work.
  Renee 06/20/2013
All the workers are wonderful....they try to always get me in at a convenient time and my car runs like a top. A little expensive, but well worth the workmanship.
  David 06/20/2013
  Shelley 04/07/2013
I really appreciate the extra time that you take in answering my questions about how my car works. I get smarter every time I bring my car in!
  Vicki 12/20/2012
Lake and Thatcher Auto's work and staff remain top notch. I always recommend them to others!
  David 09/27/2012
  Ed 07/19/2012
You guys are the best.
  Bertha 05/10/2012
  Mary Jane 09/29/2011
Great as always. Nice to be informed what and why it being done. The consideration of the cost is also helpful. Thanks.
  Paul 05/03/2018
  Denise 08/31/2012
Recently, I had my car serviced at Lake and Thatcher Auto in which it was recommended that I have my mounts replaced. Unfortunately, it was truly the transmission that was the problematic source. Despite the staff being aware of this issue, against their better skilled judgement the old mounts were replaced. I was out of close to a 1,000$ for the mounts and within a matter of days I had to replace the transmission elsewhere. When the manager, Tom Tasso was made aware of my concerns, he took IMMEDIATE action to reconcile my woes!! Thank You Mr. Tasso for your integrity and professionalism in remediating this situation. Without hesitation, Mr. Tasso refunded over $500(i.e. labor/inspection) of my money!!! I needless to say was very pleased and my confidence restored in that Lake and Thatcher Auto Repair is where I will return for trusted and fair auto repair service!!
  Denise 08/31/2012
I took my car in due to a "jerking" reaction that it would make as I drove it. After a 120$ inspection, I was told by Pete that I had 2 bad mounts. As a result, I got them replaced. However, the problem remained. Before the work was done, a mechanic who gave me a ride home in my car stated that my transmission was going bad. Yet, after a $120 inspection to determine the problem, a mechanic's verbal report to Pete about the transmission before the mount replacement, you guys STILL went forward in replacing the mounts. Why??!! If you knew it was the transmission why not fix it in the first place??!! By the end of the week, I had to pay 1400$ to replace the transmission! No longer pleased with you guys at all!! You masked the real problem by fixing something you knew was not the problem at all. You should have just fixed the transmission in the first place instead of taking advantage of a once loyal customer. To merely turn off the engine light due to the growing transmission problem was very "trustworthy" of you Pete. Great problem-solving idea that was. I came to you all to fix the real problem, but clearly you all were incapable of doing such. The mechanic should run the shop....not Pete. 932$ wasted on mounts. Will not refer anyone to you all!! Ever!! I will be sure to share of my negative experience as word of mouth and the Better Business Bureau are effective.
Shop Comment
We replaced severely worn out mounts that were causing the engine to jerk when accelerating The transmission began exhibiting problems while the mounts were on order. After the mounts were replaced the check engine light came on and the transmission needed repair. Since we do not believe in unhappy customers we have refunded all of the labor that was charged for inspecting the entire vehicle and replacing the mounts. We hope to see Ms. Mann again in the future and apologize for her trouble with the vehicle.
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